Houda presenting Case Study
Houda presenting Case Study

Case Study Impact Measurement for Student Mobility Programs

Backpack2school developed an integrated impact measurement framework to help student mobility program leaders demonstrate the impact of their program and evaluate learning outcomes effectively. The framework was tested at the biggest Swiss education university University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland.

The impact measurement tool developed by Backpack2school provides strong evidence of its effectiveness. The combination of both quantitative and qualitative tools helped the program leaders understand the impact of their program Intermobil. The standardized and ready to use Backpack2school templates reduced the amount of time the educators spent on constructing surveys and other means to measure the success and effectiveness of its program. Additionally, the number-based evidence provided the program leaders a strong tool to articulate the value of their program to the university leadership.

Some key data: The participants showed a considerable improvement of their intercultural competency after exiting the program. On average the prospective teachers have improved their overall Intercultural competency scores by 49%.

Thanks to the generous support of Movetia and Stiftung Mercator, a detailed report and respective templates can be requested on our impact measurement site free of charge here https://www.backpack2school.org/impact-measurement/

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