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Already in my first semester I heard from a lecturer that there is the possibility to do a teaching assignment abroad which is accredited towards my degree. At that moment I had decided for myself that I would do my last focus internship abroad. Just because the added value that can be drawn from it and the chance to have such an experience abroad are unique. What is the point of doing another internship in Switzerland if you can gain insight into a different school system and culture? I had lost sight of my goal during the semesters, because I thought it would be quite complicated to look for a school myself.

In retrospect I have to say it was no effort at all, because I got all the contacts easily, which is exactly why the Backpack2school student mobility program approach is so helpful. It reduces so many road blocks for us students.

I have had wonderful experiences, I have got to know a completely different school system, different forms of teaching, different rituals, rules, in a way that I would have never known in Switzerland or Europe. Especially the positive punishments used to maintain classroom discipline were eye-opening.
Many of the impressions showed me that things can work quite differently and that certain things even work better than here in Switzerland. I took a lot of didactic, human and cultural aspects with me, which I also will use in my lessons. Overall, I have made a big step forward in my personal and professional development.

*please note that the participant was part of the proof of concept project at the FHNW PH and organized her internship abroad by herself without the support of Backpack2school.

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